T.N. 06 Abendrot 2014

T.N. 06

The coaxing, velvety, yet intensive 'Abendrot' can be an extraspecial experience: 'The best time to drink it? At sunset in good company.'

'This wine does not just reflect the landscape, but my personality, too. "Abendrot" has a strong character whilst remaining sweet-tempered. The berries were fermented whole, which is why the wine is a luminous orange-red.'
Thomas Niedermayr

Grapes T.N.06 Abendrot

Grapes T.N.06 Abendrot

VARIETY: The grape that this fascinating wine is made from is Souvignier gris: elegant and complete in form, shape and aura. This wine goes back to 2006, when Rudolf, Thomas Niedermayr's father, planted the vines. The magenta berries lend the wine its expressive luminosity.

Position and soil

POSITION AND SOIL: The grapes thrive at 'Hof Gandberg', which is located in Eppan Berg at 520 metres above sea level at the eastern foot of the Gandberg mountain. The loamy, calcareous and deep soil has a high white Dolomite rock content.

HARVEST: The grapes were carefully harvested by hand on 17th October 2014. Because of the year's cool and rainy weather, picking the Souvignier Gris grapes involved quite a selection process – after a tiring day the harvested grapes were taken into the cellar. But it was worth the effort!

Wineglass T.N.06 Abendrot

IN THE CELLAR: The grapes were carefully destemmed. Shortly afterwards, natural fermentation began. After 18 days, this luminous orange wine was gently pressed and left to further mature in tonneaux casks. It then had 16 months to develop. In August 2016 'Abendrot' flowed unfiltered into bottles, where it enchants all those who drink it.

Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total acids: 5 g/l
Residual sugar: <1,0 g/l