T.N. 14 Solaris 2015

T.N. 14

Solaris is a fruity, unfiltered white wine with a greenish matte shimmer. The characteristic stone fruit aroma with its harmonious, creamy-vanilla fullness when drunk is thanks to the optimal ripening of the grapes.

'A very moreish drop of wine'
Thomas Niedermayr

Grapes T.N.14 Solaris

Grapes T.N.14 Solaris

VARIETY: Solaris is one of the fungus-resistant vines. Back in 1999, Rudolf, Thomas Niedermayr's father, planted this variety in one of his vineyards and was something of a trailblazer in organic farming and a PIWI pioneer. In 2014, more land belonging to Hof Gandberg was planted with Solaris vines, which is where the grapes of Solaris T.N. 14 now come from.

Position and soil

POSITION AND SOIL: Solaris grapes thrive in Eppan Berg and the surrounding area at an altitude of between 520 to 650 m above sea level. The loamy, calcareous and deep soil is influenced by its high white Dolomite stone content.

HARVEST: Our harvest starts each year with the Solaris grapes. In 2015 we were able to harvest the first grapes from the youthful vines, and wonderfully ripened fruit was picked by hand on 22nd August. The grapes tasted very sweet and had a convincingly harmonious ripe acidity and aroma.

Wineglass T.N.14 Solaris

IN THE CELLAR: Careful whole-grape pressing followed by spontaneous fermentation of the must in yeast from the vineyard lasting three weeks. The wine matured in its leavenings in steel barrels until June and was bottled unfiltered in August 2016. T.N. 14 Solaris has been on sale since September 2016. The natural yeast protects the wine and promotes its healthy aging in the bottle, too.

Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total acidity: 5,3 g/l
Sugar residues: <1 g/l