T.N. 99 Sonnrain 2015

T.N. 99

The grapes of this cuvée thrive on the sunny slopes of Eppan Berg. Three extraordinary varieties – a composition! The aroma of 'Sonnrain' unfolds its many layers with nuances of nutmeg, gooseberry, a hint of rose and exotic fruit.

'A wine with a lingering, complex structure and wonderfully greenish; matte reflections. Our aromatic and possibly most popular wine.'
Thomas Niedermayr

Grapes T.N.99 Sonnrain

Grapes T.N.99 Sonnrain

VARIETY: The main 'T.N. 99 Sonnrain' variety is Solaris. These vines were planted by Rudolf, Thomas Niedermayr's father. At the time, he was something of a trailblazer in organic farming and a pioneer of PIWI wines. The wine composition is completed by two more aromatic PIWI wines.

Position and soil

POSITION AND SOIL: The grapes thrive at 'Hof Gandberg', which is located in Eppan Berg at 520 metres above sea level at the eastern foot of the Gandberg mountain. The loamy, calcareous and deep soil has a high white Dolomite rock content.

HARVEST: 2015 was a year when the climactic conditions were very favourable, meaning that the harvest was a fantastic experience: it began on 22nd August with the Solaris variety and carried on until the other two cuvée partners had been harvested, ending on 4th September.

Wineglass T.N.99 Sonnrain

IN THE CELLAR: Pressing took place in small steel casks. Nearly all the grapes were carefully pressed after a brief period of maceration, while a small part (around 15 %) were fermented in their skins. The fermentation began spontaneously with yeast from the vineyard. After fermentation was complete, the three varieties were combined to form the 'T.N. 99 Sonnrain' cuvée. The wine then matured resting in its leavenings until it was bottled in August 2016. It has been available since September 2016.

Alcohol: 14 % vol.
Total acids: 5 g/l
Residual sugar: 1,4 g/l