T.N. 11 Gandfels 2013

T.N. 11

'The product of many years' searching for new, robust red wine varieties with character is now being bottled for the first time and shows the unique nature that varieties can develop on our soil.'

Two PIWI red wines from the Cabernet family are combined in this red wine. The aroma of dark, strong forest fruits, cassis and chocolate as well as the full tannins more than succeeds in transporting connoisseurs away from their daily routine.
Thomas Niedermayr

Grapes T.N.11 Gandfels

Grapes T.N.11 Gandfels

VARIETY: We need vines that are strong and naturally tough to make healthy wines. For a long time, we couldn't find a red wine variety that really suited us and that could produce high quality grapes given our somewhat challenging location. Despite this, we didn't give up and tried out the whole range of red wine wine varieties until we found the intensive and robust Cabernet hybrids that now go to make up the unique T.N. 11 Gandfels.

Position and soil

POSITION AND SOIL: The grapes thrive at 'Hof Gandberg', which is located in Eppan Berg at 520 metres above sea level at the eastern foot of the Gandberg mountain. The loamy, calcareous and deep soil has a high white Dolomite rock content.

HARVEST: The wonderfully relaxed grapes, reminiscent of ripe, hearty wild blueberries unfolding an intensive, tannin-rich taste, were carefully harvested by hand from 13th to 18th October and taken into the wine cellar.

Wineglass T.N.11 Gandfels

IN THE CELLAR: After the grapes were de-stemmed, they were left to ferment for two weeks in a natural manner in the yeast from the vineyard. Subsequently, a dark, substantial and very dense wine was pressed from the skins, which then matured in neutral wood barrels, where it was able to develop freely and unconstrainedly for 20 months. Gandfels was bottled unfiltered in July 2015. After undergoing a further 10 months of maturation, it has been on sale since May 2016.

Alcohol: 13,5 % vol.
Total acidity: 5,3 g/l
Sugar residues: 1 g/l